Liz is a talented designer of knitting patterns of delightful creatures of many kinds.   Some of her patterns are available for sale on her ravelry site.  The finished toys are also for sale (contact us for more information and prices).


Aliens from the planet Flangelzwat are cheerful and colourful visitors to our world. They are interested in all aspects of Earth life.  They have hairy bodies with a wide range of anatomical accessories in the eye, nose, limb and tentacular departments.



 Ping the elephant is a retro-style design with pleasingly curly and curvy ears.  He is particularly nice to knit in sock wool.

 Whizzo the elephant whizzes about very happily on his wheelie-legs.

  Geronimo the giraffe is somewhat challenged in the leg department, having Whizzo-style "wheels" instead.

 Anteaters are happy snuffling out ants with their long pink tongues.


Thingummies from the planet Thingum are the latest aliens to visit Earth, and they have settled in the Ark as their temporary home until they choose their new humans. From left to right: Uta, Lupin, Grandad Titus O, and Poky.  Poky and Uta are married to each other, Lupin is their son, and Grandad is apparently everyone's grandad.  Still somewhere in space and due to visit soon are Sonali, Aunty Spangle and Uncle Spooner.

Dragomir, the first dragon, was designed for baby Joshua who was born in February 2012, the Chinese Year of the Dragon. Other members of the dragon family soon followed.  Shown below, from left to right, are Dagmar, Puff and Dragomir.


The penguins are very cute, and are always happiest when holding a fish! They are one of our best-sellers, both as finished items and as the pattern for others to knit.



The owls are friendly little birds.  The pattern is popular with owl-lovers, of whom there are many among the international knitting community!

The weird cats pattern is available as a free download from our ravelry site.  They have a simple knitted shape for a body, with a stitched felt face.


 The ring-tailed lemur is just waiting for someone to pick him up and cuddle him.

Below are more pictures of finished creatures knitted from Liz's wonderful patterns.